Greek Island Hydra Idra Tourist Information

Hydra is one of the most special places in the world and a place to rent a house for a holiday to take you back in time, relax, reduce your blood pressure and forget about the 20th century

villa to rent on Hydra


This looks a very ordinary Mediterranean place to take a holiday . . . but Hydra is no ordinary place.
The town of Idra Hydra in Greece
Please scroll down for details of the house to rent and for other places to stay in the Greek islands if Idra is not what you are looking for . . . if you would like to rent here. The webmaster does not usually include so many photos of tourist destinations and holiday rentals but this place is particularly extraordinary and we hope you will enjoy it. It's a rare privilege to be able to find a vacation rental house like this . . .

The town of Hydra (Idra) focusses around a harbour so well hidden that pirates used to live here
skull and cross bones
so impregnable and hidden was the harbour.
port of Hydra for greek island house rental
Upon entering the place it seems really ordinary as Greek Islands go . . .
Hydra quayside
but upon docking, one soon realises its extraordinary charm
mule donkey taxi place without cars
which makes it almost unique as your taxi awaits . . .

This is no show put on just for the tourists
donkey waiting at the portmules at the ferry
as everything gets transported this way - concrete off the cargo ferry, furniture, food and everything else . . . There are no cars nor noisy bikes . . .

as machinery cannout navigate the roads which are narrow and have steps.
So unlike the tourists who pour in off the daily Hermes cruise ship from Athens
Hermes cruise ship
(Interesting ship - looks like the Union Castle IslandBreeze)
whilst you're having a siesta, you won't want just like them to spend only an afternoon here. Unlike India this is a place you live but not breathe - the drains are wonderful as is the electricity supply

which presents a very pretty prospect in the evenings . . .

No- the day has been hot and sunny and it's not raining today in November. These cobbles aren't wet - just polished by the wear of feet and hoof grease. The night is warm and there's an artist's exhibition next to the island museum
Hydra museum
This is a place where artists abound and craftsmanship is appreciated
stone mason on Hydra
and new mosiacs are made

The quayside is lined with cafes and artisans eating houses, well worth patronising for good value simple food. Bookshops and artists' shops abound.
So holiday here and you just step back from the modern world in that silence of natural soundscape, uninterrupted by the roar of the internal combustion engine. Like the cats just watch the fish . . .

fish in clear watercrystal clear water on Greek Island
in the clear water, take a water taxi around to a local beach, watch the fishermen sorting their nets,
fishermen handling nets on Hydra
appreciate the difficulties of building . . .
Hydra building siteGreece holiday rental house builders on Greek IslandHydra building house
Go and visit the monastery and
Monastery in Greece
remember the days when all of this was achieved with the greatest of human effort and endeavour . . .
manpower in Greecemanpower without power tools
which still continues today in Hydra.

Villa Lydia Rental Details

House at "Kala Pegadia"
Enjoy the tranquil privacy of this luxurious house with its views of the picturesque town hills. Life is unhurried and peaceful and the only interuption is the clip-clop of the donkeys as they pass by on the cobbled street. From here you can walk effortlessly to the port (400 metres), ride a donkey or take a water taxi to a nearby bay.
villa rental exterior

A wealthy Captain originally built this unique villa in the historical town of Hydra in 1883, but late in the 1980s the building was destroyed by a fire. The current owners have completely restored it with traditional materials such as engraved marble floors for the ground level and wooden floors and timber ceilings for the first floor. Much care has been taken to provide every modern comfort and amenity ensuring a luxurious standard of living. The building is equipped with air conditioning throughout.
entrance to villa

The accommodation comprises 4 bedrooms, two with double beds and two with twin single beds,sleeping 8 persons in total. The main double bedroom has an en-suite bathroom , with one shower room en-suite for the second double bedroom, and one shower room shared by the two twin single bedrooms. There is also a good size living room, fully equipped kitchen, hallway, and study.The house is equipped with TV, satellite (upon request at extra charge), music system, and telephone for incoming and local calls only. Lavish attention has been paid to the furnishing. Throughout you will find antique furniture, fine paintings and unusual ship carvings.
house rental dining room

From the street you enter the garden through the main door to the inner hall. On the left of the hall you will find a small suite of rooms comprising a small study and the two twin double bedrooms and a spacious marble shower room. At the back of this floor is the master bedroom built into the rock, with a large double bed and a large marble en-suite bathroom. To the front of the inner hall is the wooden staircase leading to the first floor and the living room. The living room is large with comfortable seating and dining area in front of the fireplace. The separate kitchen is to the left at the back of the living room, and is well fitted with every modern convenience.
balcony of villa to rent

The fourth bedroom is entered from the living room and is at the back of the house. It has a large double bed, plenty of wardrobe space and an en-suite marble shower. To the left of the living room ,double patio doors lead to the large terrace, this terrace is also directly accessed from the kitchen. The terrace is covered with a bamboo pergola, which provides plenty of shade from the sun, and lovely views of the town and mountain behind. The property is fully equipped with crockery, cutlery ,glassware ,utensils and linen. Beach towels are not provided.

Getting to Hydra

Don't be a mule and go elsewhere just because you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence . . .

Calm down, be sensible and take your restful vacation here!

But you don't need to stay long enough to grow a long beard if you want to get back from holiday!